About Us

Our Philosophy

Q7 Associates is passionate about the creative concepts and designs we produce. We understand the advantages and risks involved in developing marketing and advertising programs that seek to engage an audience. Our creative solutions are tailored to meet the demands of a modern environment where consumers and marketers are responding to sensory overload.

Big gifts come in small packages, but it’s still fun to open a big gift.

Our marketing and design strategies focus on creating experiences for end users through every touch-point of the brand. We believe that good design can go unnoticed. However, a good experience can last a lifetime.

Creativity isn’t a privilege, it’s a necessity.

Our partnering clients span multiple industries, ranging from global companies to independent businesses. We believe in designing thoughtful experiences for everyone.

Bespoke isn’t just our style, it’s our fingerprint.

Our firm is comprised of a small group of partners, each specializing in their own discipline. We believe there is no standard formula for creativity and every project requires a tailored solution.

A Q7 would like to extend a special thank you to those who attended our presentation, Creating Experiences: Marketing  With Your Senses (PDF Download), at the 2nd Annual Tourism Conference – “Create For Success”.